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Zelda Goodhart

My daughter, Marcia, was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of four. I had to learn how to deal with this new situation, including insulin injections and sugar testing, in addition to new nutritional ways.

Her first day in kindergarten, I practically attacked Marcia’s teacher with all kinds of instructions for her well being. Marcia met other children who had diabetes when she attended Camp Nejeda. There she developed good eating habits and learned how to inject herself with insulin.

Diabetes never stood in the way of accomplishments. Marcia graduated from college with a double major in physical and health education. She went on to graduate school and received a Master’s Degree in Recreation and Administration.

Unfortunately, diabetes caused health problems that occurred over time. Despite keeping good control, Marcia had vision, foot, and kidney problems that developed. She needed dialysis three times each week.

More than seven years ago, Marcia received a pancreas and kidney transplant and now, she no longer has diabetes.

Marcia has been happily married for seventeen years to a wonderful man. She is currently working full time in sales.

I have always been proud of my daughter Marcia. Although she has had to endure many health problems, she has conducted herself with dignity and pride. She is truly a special person!

Zelda Goodhart