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Tanya and Charles Tabak

My grandson, Daniel Honig, contracted Juvenile Diabetes when he was 6 years of age. It was the Mother’s Day weekend of May 1996. Since 1996, life has changed for my family and me in ways I never thought possible.

We are watching this beloved child cope day to day with sticking needles into himself and constantly listening to the “numbers”, worrying whether they are too low or too high. We are constantly making sure that he eats or does not eat, and does not run barefoot. I wonder, “Is he sick? Does he need an antibiotic? Is he wearing his bracelet?” These are all of the worries of any parent, and grandparent of a child with juvenile diabetes.

I watch my daughter cope in ways that I never thought she would have to cope. I am so proud of my child and her efforts to deal with this disease and her ability to maintain her sense of humor. She has given me the ability to share her the belief that this will end, and this child will resume a “normal” life.

It hurts to stand by and watch what they have to handle and feel that all I have to offer is my love.

Tanya and Charles Tabak