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Jane Beilenson

My granddaughter, Eve, was diagnosed with diabetes at age 10. It is hard to believe that she has reached the age of 17 and that I am now watching her drive, shop at the mall, and prepare for college. She is really special!

For now, Eve goes about her life as a teenager. I know she has her own particular struggles. A visit to the dentist and having wisdom teeth pulled becomes a major medical event. For a diabetic teenager highs and lows do not refer to partying and having a good time. It is hard to see an adolescent “dare the disease” and forget the consequences.

Diabetes is a “shot” that the whole family takes. The “family dance” is different from that of other families. I know that it has been difficult for Susan and Alan to always look ahead and be prepared. I know for them going out to dinner or going on vacation is never without planning or thought. It is never with a mind or a heart that is fully at rest.

As a grandmother, I hope all good things lie ahead for Eve. I have gained so much courage and respect watching my daughter Susan and her husband Alan cope with this illness. I know Eve will be more empathic to the suffering of others. She understands that no one truly knows how it feels unless you are in their shoes.

Joan Beilenson