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Eve-Lynn’s Family

Six years ago, during spring vacation, we were driving home from Baltimore to New Jersey. Eve-Lynn needed to stop at every rest stop to go to the bathroom. My heart sank when my husband remembered that his aunt had diabetes. We just happened to have a doctor’s appointment the next day for a physical. After a urine sample revealed high levels of glucose, Dr. Joffe, our beloved pediatrician, sent us directly to Saint Barnabas Hospital. I immediately called my husband and my mom. Eve spent the rest of spring break in St. Barnabas Hospital. The next day we were to celebrate my youngest daughter Diana’s first birthday. Our new life was beginning…

Despite the difficulties of living with diabetes, there are some positive aspects:

  • I have met dedicated endocrinologists, researchers and diabetes educators
  • Living with a chronic disease helps me to put my life into perspective
  • I’ve learned who my real friends are
  • I take one day at a time
  • It makes it easier to choose our battles
  • Reaching out to others with diabetes, especially parents of newly diagnosed children
  • I’ve learned the meaning of compassion
  • Friendships that I cherish

Eve-Lynn is my hero