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Eric Kaplan

Diabetes is a Force

Diabetes forced my cousin into the hospital.

Diabetes forced my family into the passenger seat as it took them for a ride.

Diabetes forced my aunt to be pro-active and retake the wheel.

Diabetes forced my young cousin to be brave, to be bold, to be stronger than the disease that unexpectedly knocked on her door.

Diabetes forced out of my aunt, a desire to fight this disease until the end and an ability to write which she probably didn’t know she had.

Diabetes forces you to be strong.

Diabetes forces families to come together.

Diabetes forces children to become adults, to be aware, to be conscious of their foe.

Diabetes is the steepest hill I know.

Diabetes forces families to climb, no matter how high they must go.

Diabetes forces eyes to tear and hearts to ache for those taken captive.

Diabetes forces courage and strength out of the soul. Why me, why her, why you?

Diabetes forces questions of resentment and anger out of all of us.

Diabetes forces doctors to strive for a cure, victims and families to fundraise, aunts to write, cousins to fight.

Diabetes forces my cousin, her sisters, my aunt and uncle to climb higher every day.

Diabetes is a hill.

Diabetes forces them not to look back, not to slip, not to fall.

Diabetes forces the weak to stand strong, the short to stand tall.
My cousin is an amazing person.

Diabetes forces her and her family to climb higher.

Diabetes is a hill. They will reach the top.

Eric Kaplan (Cousin of Robyn Hendel)