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Samantha, Robyn and Melanie Hendel

My Sister, My Hero

Diabetes complicates our life. We cannot go on vacation or even a short trip to the mall, without taking appropriate precautions. We have to be prepared for any emergency! Having a sister with diabetes has made me a more cautious and more nervous person.

Diabetes complicates our life. During the summer months, Robyn and I go to a camp in Pennsylvania. Because our parents are not there, I have always felt responsible for her. There are people at camp who make sure that she is healthy, but I am her older sister, I must protect her. Diabetes has made me a more responsible person. It has made me more conscientious.

Diabetes complicates our life. After many years of living in a familly with a diabetic child, I know that I am blessed for I am healthy. Diabetes turns everything upside down. Shots, checking blood sugars, eating the right food balanced with the right exercise, make daily life a struggle.

Diabetes complicates our life. Life is hard enough when you are a teenager. Diabetes makes it harder. My sister has diabetes. Her life is more difficult than most. Yet, she handles it with grace and never complains. This makes her a brave person. My sister is my hero.

Diabetes complicates our life, but at least we are alive.

Samantha Hendel, age 15; Robyn Hendel, age 12; Melanie Hendel, age 3