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Best all around resource.  Click on “chats” and then “parents” to connect anytime with other families dealing with diabetes.
The best resource for everything related to insulin pumps.  This is the homepage, but you can “join” by completing a brief member profile.  Forewarning: you will receive LOTS of daily E-mails unless you opt to join the “digest,” which will enable you to receive 2 daily E-mails listing everything that’s been posted.  Topics cover everything imaginable related to diabetes.  Over 2,300 members, most of whom are adults, but a growing number of participants have children as young as 2 years old on insulin pumps.  A great and handy resource for posting questions that are answered quickly.
Created by Al Gordon, a Canadian who’s very vocal and visible in the research community.  This Web site highlights the “state-of-the-art” achievements in diabetes research.  Frequent contributors post articles, abstracts, etc. culled from diverse sources.  Click on the “message board” page of the Web site to access these posts.
The Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) is an international center dedicated exclusively to the cure and treatment of diabetes.  The result of parents of children with diabetes who banded together more than twenty-five years ago to focus scientific attention on this disease, the DRI today stands as a world leader in innovative cure-related research.