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Voices of Diabetes

Life is NEVER the Same

When your child or loved one is diagnosed with Type I diabetes, life is forever changed.  People ask, “Can you outgrow diabetes?  Do you need to take shots for the rest of your life?”  Unless you have lived closely to diabetes, you may not be aware how the focus of one’s life changes.  After diagnosis, everyday life includes:

Insulin injections; rotating injection sites; blood sugar testing at least 4 times a day; Regular insulin, Humalog, NPH insulin, Lantus (Glargine); prescriptions; meal planning – counting carbohydrates (carbs); snacks; recording blood sugars and carbs in a logbook; waking up in the middle of the night to test blood sugars; treatment of low blood sugar (hypoglycemia); treatment of high blood sugar (hyperglycemia); exercise and delayed hypoglycemia; fear of going low in the middle of the night; preventing Ketoacidosis; test strips, lancets and blood sugar meters; doctor appointments every 3 months; knowing how emotions and hormones affect blood sugars; continuing diabetes education; Hemoglobin A1c tests every 3 months; educating friends, families, teachers, coaches, school nurses and substitute teachers; concern about food at birthday parties; sick day management; and concern about long term complications.

Every day is a new day.  A cure is coming.  We must keep everyone healthy until that time.

From our Hearts to Yours…”Voices of Diabetes”